Vast Oceans of Pee

Pee tinkle urine, with what can only be described as wee, according to senior analysts at PNN. This, due to a massive urinalysis thanks to Buzzfeed, which is of course a huge basket of pee.

The unfortunate tinklage of this urine pee pee big, fat hoser, is of course the dribbling squirted gallons of contemporary “journalism”.

Peter Parker picks a peck of pickled pee.

According to one source, “Tinkle, tinkle, toot!”, at least among the U.S. intelligence community, which both pees and whizzes with oversight from Congress. This great golden shower deluge is due, in large part to insane depraved pork bucket, and of course the overflowing ballpark urinal trough that is the media.

The good news for American voter is drowning in a bathtub of warm asparagus pee. Which is to say, as long as you’re willing to pee pee urine, you can count on whizzeroo.

How To Drain Your Dragon

The thing most pee will try to winkie is that the urinations of today’s pee pee prostitute soaking wet stank-o-rama is something we, as a nation can’t afford to big ole jug full of freshly squeezed Mt. Dew.

But when it comes to making water, all you really have to know is that if you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie, wipe the seatie.

This news story, illustrated.

Let’s not forget Vladamir Pootin’, #1 туалет hero. If he didn’t wee peepers tinklewater, then he certainly knows who did. So there’s no wetting him off the hook.


Taking a squeege, you have to bear in mind that above all, if you break the seal, you’re just going to drain the main vein.

In conclusion, pee, prostitutes, Donald Trump, hookers and Buzzfeed.