Self-proclaimed lewd comic artist, InCase, is the artistic and stortytelling mastermind of his porn comic, Alfie.

The plot-heavy comic is based in the year 1147 and follows Alphanea Tolman, a young, attractive female halfling whose curiosity leads her to – ahem – getting to “know” humans after a caravan arrives in her village. In the same vein, Alfie’s weary mother Vera Tolman unknowingly follows in a similar path as she gets closer to Duvain Ailduin, a kinky cross-dressing elf.

Oooh, that plotline.
Oooh, that plotline.

Okay, I now put on my fan girl face: how can one not read this comic? Regardless of the amazing art and jaw-dropping, boner-inducing sex scenes, Alfie has a damn good plot. Just within the first two chapters, readers can quickly empathize with the characters and understand their personal hardships. And, of course, there are plenty of super hot panels.

Lies, heartbreak, anger, confusion, and lots of depth and dialogue: nope, it’s not your typical jackoff material – and that’s why I like it.

Alfie is not all drama and sex scenes. Judging by his captions right below the comic on his website, InCase seems like a super chill dude. Funny commentary as well as occasional comedy within the story itself make the dramatic scenarios less uptight and it shows readers that InCase doesn’t take himself too seriously. Alfie is an all-around amazing comic and I highly recommend it!!!

Aside from Alfie, InCase is working on a few side projects specifically for his Patreon supporters, including sexy drawing requests, helping InCase decide which sketches should be made in color (tinted genitalia tend to be more boner-friendly than those that are absent of any color whatsoever, don’t you agree?), choosing how his choose-your-own-adventure story will continue. Yes, a choose-your-own-porn-adventure.

The latest creation from InCase's Sexy Selection series.
Hellooo color!

So what are you waiting for? Go check out Alfie!!!

Crystal Wings

Crystal Wings

Crystal Wings is a freelance model and casual gamer from San Diego, CA. Pierced and occasionally speaks German. You can follow Crystal on Model Mayhem, Instagram and Steam.