Imagine the following scenario: you’ve fallen asleep as usual after a long day. But instead of waking up peacefully in the morning ready to groggily hit the snooze button, you awaken at an unknown time in the middle of the night. Two things immediately spring to mind: you can’t move – at all; and you’re not alone. You feel a weight on your chest, pressing you down and preventing you from sitting up. But it’s worse than that – you can’t move your arms or legs, or even move your lips to call out for help. You’re not sure who or what is pushing on your chest. It’s too dark to see. But you just know there’s a presence there. Something strange. Something uninvited. Something frightening…

2013-KrampusofSleepyHollow10x10 OPUS HYPNAGOGIA” is an exciting new art exhibit where artists use this unique state of heightened awareness to inspire or guide their artwork. The talent will include unique work from a variety of contemporary heavy hitters such as David Molesky and Kris Kuksi.  Also included in the show will be some distinctive historical artwork from some of America’s earliest visionary artists such as Charles Dellschau (1830 – 1923), William Mortensen (1897 – 1965) and outsider artist William Blayney (1918 – 1985).

The art on display is a harmonious mix of strange images and icons, ranging from “spirit photos” from the 1800s, antiquated etchings and relief sculptures of purgatorial scenes and the apocalypse, representations of witchcraft, religious curios, as well as contemporary works like the spiritual shamans by Martin Wittfooth, a humorous painting of Krampus by David Molesky,  and delicate crocheted skeletal remains by Caitlin McCormack.

This unique event is being hosted by an equally unique venue: The Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn New York. This non-profit institution is dedicated to the celebration and exploration of the intersections of death, beauty, and “that which falls between the cracks.” It only seems fitting that such a unique institution would pair with celebrated curator Stephen Romano to produce a unique curated exhibit in recognition of the museum’s first year anniversary.

Opening on July 18th, this is one gallery show that is right up the alley of the Dirge family, complete with an all-day “Festival of Arcane Knowledge” followed by a Devil’s masquerade party.  If you’re near the Brooklyn area, consider exploring and crossing over this bridge to the unconscious – you certainly don’t want to miss it.

Janae Corrado
Earning both her Bachelor's and Master's degree of fine arts from the University of Central Florida, Janae Corrado is currently serving as adjunct professor overseeing art instruction at Daytona State College and Eastern Florida State College. Her paintings have garnered attention from art spaces outside of Florida including the UK, California, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Indiana and Virginia.
Janae Corrado