Whether you are a housewife or a witch doctor, chances are, you probably have plans that need planning and things that need getting done. In this day and age there are tablets, cellphones, and even watches that can help you with such things, sure, but what about those of us that are nostalgic for putting pen to paper?

There are, of course, planners that you can buy that have months and weeks nicely laid out for you. These are, quite honestly, just regurgitated, boring things that everybody and their grams has. But for those of us that like to be a bit different, yet still need to rid our sanctuaries of sticky notes, there is a great alternative!

The Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal is known as the analog system for the digital age, and it is so much more than a planner. While it is a tremendous help to your productivity, it is also something that you use to track your habits, your likes and dislikes, and all the things that you deeply desire.

bullet journal personal flair

I personally use it, aside from the planning aspect, to track patterns and progress in all areas of my life: my moods throughout the moon cycle, rune castings, and where I stand in reaching the goals I have placed for myself. Seeing and tracking your life allows you to understand yourself better, allowing you to see the changes you need to make in your life to further better yourself.

I am going to let Ryder Carrol, the creator of the system, tell you all about the basics of it in his video.

Now that the basics of bullet journaling are grasped nice and tightly, you can move forward in making it work for your life. I recommend starting with the basics to find what works best for you. Then you can bring in all the extras, or your “collections,” for tracking all the naughty things you do. Finally, add some flair of your own, to really make it an extension of yourself.

To help throw you down the bullet journaling rabbit hole, I have compiled a list of links for you to explore. Some are helpful places to visit, some are to give you different options, and some are full of dark extras to add that flair that I mentioned.

It’s all about the notebook


The great thing about bullet journaling is that all you need to start is a notebook and a pen. You can use a decomposition notebook you have lying around, or you can choose from some of the more popular options out there. I find that if you want to see if bullet journaling is for you, use the notebook you have on-hand at first. Then when you decide you love it, invest a little bit into a journal that will last a while!

The Official Bullet Journal notebook is a very nice, all-black, dot-grid notebook that has all the desirable additions you could want in your journal.

Leuchtturm1917 is a very, if not the most, popular bullet journal notebook option I have seen. Paper quality at its best. The easiest place to purchase these is through Goulet pens, from whom I have personally had the best experience in dealing with. This is the company the makes the official bullet journal notebook.

Moleskine Notebooks are a nice, convenient choice for bullet journalists because you can generally find them at your local Target or bookstore, such as Barnes and Noble.

The traveler’s notebook is a wonderful tool as well, considering the possibilities it holds. This is what I currently have my bullet journal in, because of the options is opened up for me. My journal cover comes from Imperfectly Perfekt on Etsy, and my notebooks from Yellow Paper House. There are so many options to choose from that it would be silly to list them all here. Check out a blog post I have written on this very subject: Bullet Journal Notebook Options.

Pen Options


When it comes to the pen that you use, sure, you can use any old pen in your dungeon. But, there are a number of pens that are archival, meaning that they will not fade or spread. This is nice for when you know you want to archive your bullet journal for later use or memory-keeping.

The pens that I have personally used, are very popular, and fit the “keep for all eternity” criteria, include:

Helpful site links:

Be careful with this first link, as it is Pinterest! Don’t go getting too lost in the hot mess of inspiration this site offers, but do check out the Bullet Journal Junkie Board!

Head on over to the Official Bullet Journal Blog for a lot of wonderful ideas for bullet journals!

Instagram, if you are into that sort of thing, is a serious hub for bullet journal users! Follow the hashtag “BulletJournal” to see what others are posting about. While, in some cases, the journals may be a bit too peppy for your step, their ideas are great! Just remove all the fluff and sprinkle on that darkness!

Here are some people to follow on Instagram:

Adding that bit of dark flair that your soul needs


There are many ways to decorate your bullet journal. You can NOT decorate it, keeping it simple, beautiful, and minimalist. Or you can put your soul into it a bit and add things that make your dark heart smirk. Here are some links to a few extras that you may enjoy!


Enjoy your journey!



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