Ah, ’tis the season for all things merry and bright. Holly wreaths, silver bells, prancing reindeer, caroling children, jolly men in red suits. It can all be a little nauseating, especially when we’re still undergoing the tender and horrific ministrations of the year from Hell. If, like me, you’re looking to deck your halls with something a little darker, a little more weird and wonderful to lift your spirits this holiday season, we’ve got you covered.


Image Credit: Dellamorteco
Handcrafted and incredibly detailed, who wouldn’t want their very own plague doctor even if it does look like he just received a surprise visit from the Spanish Inquisition.

The Spider and Fly

Image Credit: TheSpiderandFly

If you’re like me, then the only thing you love more than vintage is black cats, so this handmade porcelain ornament set has you covered on both accounts.

Catacomb Culture

Image Credit: Catacomb Culture

This adorable little guy is testament to the fact that not everyone would be prettier if they would “just smile.”

Dead Pretty Taxidermy

Image Credit: Dead Pretty Taxidermy

These elegant magpie skull baubles are a must-have for any taxidermy enthusiast.

Live Darkly

Image Credit: LiveDarkly

This shimmering beauty will help you celebrate Yule in style.

Rags and Old Iron 13

Image Credit: RagsandOldIron13

Remind your children to be obedient this holiday season lest they be carried off for a demonic birch-beating by our old friend Krampus.

Basket in the Basement

Image Credit: BasketInTheBasement

This disembodied cyclopean angel will watch over all of your holiday festivities. Just don’t blink.

The Burning Witch

Image Credit: The Burning Witch

This shop features a whole range of hand-burnt wooden ornaments for your occult-themed Yule tree.


Image Credit: Horrornaments

Creepy doll head? Yes, please!

Two Mushrooms

Image Credit: TwoMushrooms

These beautiful, embroidered ornaments are the perfect balance of macabre and festive.

Her Craft House

Image Credit: HerCraftHouse

For the discerning palm-reader, this beautifully-crafted, clay ornament will add a rustic touch to your tree.


Image Credit: Target

I know. I know. But for your last minute, just-don’t-have-time-to-wait-for-shipping preparations, these gleaming silver and gold skulls are the perfect filler to finish off your tree.

Middle of Beyond


Image Credit: Middle of Beyond

What good would a darkling tree be without the High Priest himself to top it off?

Working Class Punx

Image Credit: Working Class Punx

Red and white have their places (mmm streaks of crimson on creamy, pale skin), but on a stocking, it’s pretty bleh. This shop has a fabulous collection of darkly delightful stockings to hang from your mantle.

Witch City Wicks

Image Credit: Witch City Wicks

Want the scent of pine without lugging the shedding corpse of a tree into your living room? Try out this lovely, hand-crafted soy candle from Witch City Wicks.

Poison Apple Printshop

Image Credit: Poison Apple Printshop

What’s the point of selecting the perfect gift for that special someone if you have to wrap it up in Snoopy paper? Instead, offer your love happiness and protection this holiday with this beautiful wrapping paper designed by Adrienne Rozzi.

Zombie Rust

Image Credit: Zombie Rust via Zazzle

Looking for something a little more fun with a touch of kitsch? Try out this wrapping paper featuring Santa after a few too many diet pills.

Kimbas Critters

Image Credit: KimbasCritters via I Want It Black

These miniature homages to Edgar Allan Poe provide the perfect finishing touch for your gifts.

Tursi Art

Image Credit: TursiArt

In case you haven’t gotten enough of that sexy, ebony-furred devil yet, this shop offers a variety of greeting cards featuring vintage images of the man himself doing everything from stealing children away to taking his lady out for a night on the town.

Bridgeman Images

Image Credit: Bridgeman Images via fineartamerica

Feel like throwing off traditional imagery altogether? How about this beautiful greeting card featuring a witch representing the night.

Arwen Designs

Image Credit: ArwenDesigns

If you like the other cards but feel like you need something a little more subtle to send to your grandparents and your crazy, fundamentalist aunt, then here is a simple, elegant solution.

Kellie Woodson

Kellie Woodson

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