We first heard rumblings about this back in December, but now, we have a look at the awesome new character figures from The Dark Crystal!

Most people remember Jim Henson’s movie, The Dark Crystal, as the Muppet movie where Kermit never showed up. A fantasy world, filled with unattractive villains, androgynous heroes and a host of other odd critters, kept The Dark Crystal from great mainstream success. That is the very thing, however, that drove the movie straight to the underground and into the realm of cult classic.

Now, Funko, the company famous for taking our childhood memories, miniaturizing and turning them into cute toys we dare not take out of the box, has released some images for their upcoming set of vinyl figures from The Dark Crystal. Characters include Gelfling heroes Jen and Kira, the creepy SKeksis, Chamberlain, and Aughra, who was a bag lady or something. Make room on your shelf and keep your credit card handy; these are going stride off the shelves.

funko dark crystal

Jeffery X. Martin

Jeffery X. Martin

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