I have a recurring and terribly indulgent daydream: I’m given an exorbitant budget – by a mysterious benefactor, of course – and I am then free to shop like a maniac, outfitting my abode in limitless, high drama gothic eccentricities and décor.

tentacle bar ware

This of course results in my wee suburban château teeming with all manner of mystical, esoteric objets d’art: skulls, bats, witches, – and OK – the occasional gorgon or cephalopod. While I had at the time fondly coined this particular decorating scheme, “ye olde Transylvanian curiosity shoppe,” this occult aesthetic never quite coalesced until I cast my eyes upon the macabre elegance and dark allure of Dellamorte & Co.

Locascio of Dellamorte & Co. illustrated by artist Abigail Larson

Dellamorte & Co. is the Etsy shop and creative vision of artist Michael Locascio. Drawing inspiration from catacombs and tombs, as well as dark themes from art history, literature, myth, and folklore, classically-trained Locascio sculpts beautifully intricate and infinitely practical pieces such as wine-stoppers and magnets, in addition to the larger vases, candlesticks, and statuary for sale.

Regarding his offerings, he notes, “I grew up studying Renaissance and Baroque artists, which became major influences in my style. Since a focus of my product is on decorative and functional pieces, I look to how old masters applied their craft to similar work.“


And these are certainly masterful pieces: a finely detailed Krampus ornament is so menacing and lifelike, it feels as though he may awake and mete out enthusiastically devilish punishment at any second. The Death and the Maiden wall plaque presents a lushly textured danse macabre rendered simultaneously vibrant and fragile.  Raven-headed canes for gothly midnight strolls, gorgeous anatomical heart vases for your sweetheart, bat and coffin shaped bar ware for your favorite undead dypsomaniac, horned fetal satyr skulls because horned fetal satyr skulls – whatever your fancy, no doubt you will find something splendid for your dark-themed castle (or apartment or condo or whatever) amongst the exquisite virtual cabinet of curiosities that is Dellamorte & Co.



S. Elizabeth
S. Elizabeth is a fancier of fine old things, nostalgic whimsies and magics both macabre and melancholy. She is a shadow seamstress, star stitcher, word witch, and weaver of the weird. Visit her blog, Unquiet Things for perfume, poetry, and myriad musings, and, if you're so inclined, peep at her Instagram for photos of fancies and frou-frou frips & frills.
S. Elizabeth
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