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Theodore Carter
Theodore Carter is the author of The Life Story of a Chilean Sea Blob and Other Matters of Importance. He recently put 100 luminescent duck sculptures in a public lot in Washington, D.C. He'll draw you a sea blob if you ask nicely.

The Polka Dot Princess’s Fear of the Phallus

Yayoi Kusama's polka dots are famous, but why did she make so many dicks?

Doll Part Art: Visual Feasts Made of Plastic Bodies

7 artists who make disturbing and erotic art out of one of the most wholesome materials around: doll parts.

Arts Armament: How the CIA Secretly Shaped The Arts in America

The CIA is more than just an international spy ring; they've taken a serious and concerted approach to shaping American culture.

Bringing the Surreal into Focus: Fred Scruton’s Art Environment Photography

Fred Scruton seeks out unusual people and their phenomenal works for a chance to take photos that stand the test of time - even if the subjects won't.

10 Holiday Songs You’ll Never Hear at the Mall

In this season of music sweet enough to rot your teeth, here’s a medley of truly bizarre holiday songs wholly inappropriate for your stupid office party.

Constructing New Realities: The Unique Vision of Artists with Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia changes your perception of the world, and when your perception changes, your art changes with it.

Art Inside Us: The Human Skull as Depicted by 13 Masters

Van Gogh painted vibrant sunflowers, MC Escher produced mind-bending visual puzzles, and Andy Warhol is best known for his soup cans. Each artist also produced bleak cranial creations to remind us of our inevitable demise. Here are 13 works by master artists featuring the...

Escape from Afterlife: A History of the Harry Houdini Halloween Séance

This Halloween, magicians, mediums and showmen will attempt to contact the the spirit of the legendary Harry Houdini -- for the 90th year in a row.

Biological Sex as a Weapon: Using Female Bodies and Sexuality to Fight for Reform

Several recent protest movements have made use of male discomfort with female bodies to fight for political reform.

Sexual History: The Ancient Erotica of Great Civilizations

Though it may not be polite to talk about in history class, erotica appears in most great civilizations in human history. From hieroglyphs of fornicating Egyptians, to wild orgiastic Greek romps painted on pottery, to octopus cunnilingus wood cuts in Edo-period Japan, when there...