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S. Elizabeth is a fancier of fine old things, nostalgic whimsies and magics both macabre and melancholy. She is a shadow seamstress, star stitcher, word witch, and weaver of the weird. Visit her blog, Unquiet Things for perfume, poetry, and myriad musings, and, if you're so inclined, peep at her Instagram for photos of fancies and frou-frou frips & frills.

Ashley Rose Couture’s Shadows Of the Realm

On the evening of August 27th, 2016 you were either at the Black Veil Studio of Tattoo and Art experiencing the intimate, spectral splendor of Ashley Rose Couture's Shadows of the Realm debut collection, or you were a sad witch living in the swamps 1400...

A Depraved Brutality: The Art of Aleksandra Waliszewska

Polish artist Aleksandra Waliszewska creates some of your most brutal nightmares: those savage, dreadful dreams that set a deep sleeper to screaming.

Basic is the New Black: 10 Black Tees for Morbid Comfort

Because you always need black tee shirts. It's science.

Interview And Giveaway with Chase & Scout

Check out the @dirgestyle Instagram for information about how to win a gorgeous sterling silver and labradorite snake ring.

Transmissions From The Abyss: Dark Ambient Music for the Perfect Headspace

dark ambient
There are certain times--early mornings, late nights, studying, or writing--where I prefer my music with a minimal amount of stimuli. No data, no information, and especially no words. Sounds that become so deeply a part of the background, to the extent that that they are now the...

Matsuyama Miyabi’s Gloomy Neo-Ukiyo-e Art Mingles Death and Fate

The feminine, dark, haunting artwork of Matsuyama Miyabi is both old and new, modern and timeless, beautiful and disturbing. Just how we like it.

Bloodmilk and BPAL Team Up for 3 New Exclusive Scents

This collaboration between Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Bloodmilk is a deeply personal collaboration, much like an Exquisite Corpse.

Samantha Pleet’s Charming Ghosts Collection (Fall/Winter 2016)

Designer Samantha Pleet's Fall-Winter 2016 collection is creepy and mysterious, while being a refreshing departure from the #allblackeverything aesthetic.

Décor To Die For: Decorative Coffins of Life After Death Design

Is there any decorative or functional problem that can't be solved with a functional, decorative coffin from Life After Death Designs? Spoiler: No.

Psychic Spaces & Neon Nirvana: The Art of Oliver Hibert

Oliver Hibert's artwork is neon, acid-flashback, feminist magic. And now it's available as a tarot deck that will make your eyeballs melt.