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Renee Asher Pickup
Renee Asher Pickup is a mellowed out punk living in Southern California, she is Senior Editor at Dirge, class facilitator at LitReactor, and one of the hosts of the Unprintable Podcast.

The Keepers Isn’t About the Murder or the Cover-up

More than a series about homicide and abuse, The Keepers reminds us that we don't listen to women.

Twenty Years Later: ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’ Turned the Vampire Movie on Its Undead Head

From Dusk Til Dawn was a nuanced, intricate film that was almost something else entirely.

Picked by our Patrons: Best Halloween Movies to Stream

Our Patreon Spanking Coven gives us their best picks for Halloween movies, and they should know.

DirgeFit: Smashley Puts the ‘Dead’ in ‘Deadlift’

Meet Smashley, who likes her weights like she likes her metal; heavy and black.

Amber Rayne’s Obituaries Prove We Don’t Care About Porn Stars

How we talk about sex workers and other celebrities when they die is very different. Once again, the media drops the ball.

Jodi Arias: Sex & Death in the American Legal System

It's no secret that Jodi Arias murdered her boyfriend Travis Alexander. What was it about their sex life that drove the media wild?

Hot Men of Horror TV

The kind of men you just want to lick.

The Krampus Movie Will Kidnap Your Heart – and Kill It In Front of You

You better not pout. You better not cry. You better Christmas it up, or you'll probably die.

Ted Bundy’s Success is a Feminist Issue

Was Ted Bundy so successful because we tell women to ignore their instincts?