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Matt is a writer, pop culture historian and aspiring two-fisted adventurer. He has a degree in ancient Mediterranean history with a focus on Roman ritual violence, which is why he writes about monster movies and pro wrestling on the internet. He has two cats and a blog called Explosiontown~!, which you can follow. Uh, the blog. Leave the cats alone.

Choly Knight Wants to Help You Create Creepy Cuddlies

Plush artist Choly Knight does not just create and sell adorable plush creatures; she sells you the patterns to make your own miniature monsters.

Sweet Invidia: The Art of Roman Revenge

roman revenge header
From the glory days of the old republic to the height of the empire, join us for these five brutal tales of Roman revenge.

Save Yourselves: History’s Greatest Failed Messiahs

Let's keep Christ in Christmas by digging through the trash pile of history to retrieve some of history's most spectacular failed messiahs.

The Face-Peeling Madness That is Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July

Friendly advice: don't stare too deeply into the abyss that is Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July. That way lies madness.

The Fuck is Up With the Video for Blue Öyster Cult’s “Shooting Shark”?

In which we do our best to explain the most inexplicable music video ever made, for the Blue Öyster Cult kind-of hit, "Shooting Shark."

6 Seedy Arthurian Legends That Were More GRR Martin Than JRR Tolkien

A close reading of the classic tales of King Arthur reveals that even knights in the shiniest armor can be splattered with blood.

Unknown Animals: The Art of Classic Cryptozoology

Before cryptozoology was the the purview of sleazy reality television, the search for mysterious beasts was a serious pursuit -- and this art proves it.

Cero Miedo: The Violent Self-Actualization of Pentagón Jr.

Longtime Dirgers may remember that my very first article here was a short primer on Lucha Underground, the best Robert Rodriguez-produced noir telenovela about a supernatural pro wrestling league on television. In that piece, I did my best to give y'all the elevator pitch...

The Monsterverse: Universal Monsters and the Genesis of Shared Cinematic Universes

Every studio wants their own shared cinematic universe to play in, but Universal has them all beat: the Universal Monsters have been doing it since 1943.