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Mary Renzi

In addition to writing articles for the beloved Dirge Magazine, Mary Renzi writes fiction of the dark and speculative variety, which can be found in such publications as Hypnos, One Throne, Pantheon, Zymbol, decomP, and Deadly Chaps. She enjoys masochistic endurance events, wildland firefighting, and running long distances in the brutal desert heat of Phoenix, AZ.

The Complete Human Being: Occult Tactics for Body/Mind Mastery

Occultists have spent centuries trying to master the link between body and mind. Here we look at some of their processes.

Laird Barron’s Swift to Chase is a Paranoid Joyride Through an Arctic Hell

Laird Barron’s latest book is Swift to Chase, a collection of interconnected short stories, each taking place in Alaska.

Death and Illumination: The Search for the Demiurge Within Us All

Many societies -- secret and otherwise -- have sought illumination and even otherworldly power through the use of ritual initiation.

Transgressive Authors All Rebel Intellects Must Read

“Transgression” is a word with heavy connotations. In Catholic-speak, a transgression is a sin, a violation of God's law which requires punishment. In our modern-day litigious culture, transgression means roughly the same thing, only with punishment meted out by a social authority rather than...

Elemental Horror: The Dark Places of Lars von Trier

The films of Lars Von Trier are not lighthearted, campy fun. These films are dark, emotional journeys straight into the black heart of humanity.

The Lesser-Known Triumphs of Aleister Crowley

You probably know him as a cannibalistic Satanist, but Aleister Crowley was actually a mountain-climbing, chess-playing, yoga-practicing, normal human.

Hungry For Creation: The Relentless Art and Music of Jacob Bannon

You may know him as the vocalist of hardcore band Converge, but did you know Jacob Bannon is also a supremely talented artist?

If it Bleeds, it’s Leeds: Matthew M. Bartlett’s ‘Gateways to Abomination’

If you like dark, strange, twisted, interconnected short stories, do yourself a favor and get Matthew M. Bartlett's "Gateways to Abomination."