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Katy Lees is a mental health worker and trainee psychotherapist from East Yorkshire, England. She's a fan of zombies, spooky sci-fi and wet-your-pants horror. Katy blogs mini book reviews, writing news and poetry at You can also find her tweeting over at

Haunted but Not Alone: A Trans Take on the Horror Industry

Horror films need to feature trans and gender queer actors playing both protagonists and monsters.

The Cutting Fatphobia of Obesity: The Post Mortem

As a fat person - more specifically, a Class 2 'you could explode and die at any second' obese woman - there are five types of people who look like me in Western media: The Headless Fatty. Most often seen on the news. Wears...

Finding Your Darklight: Six Tips for Managing Darkling Depression

It can be hard to find tips for dealing with depression beyond Zumba and therapy. Worry not; we've got some handy tips to help your black heart soar again.

Dark Fashion for Plus Size Femmes

Are you a plus size femme with an eye for the monochromatic dramatic? Check out these dark clothiers that specialize in outfitting the curviest among us.

‘Forest Of Memory’ Explores the Maddening Ambiguity of What We Think We Know

The ambiguity in Mary Robinette Kowal's sci-fi novella Forest Of Memory is both engaging and frustrating.

Mummy Grace is Here to Cherish Your Little Side

Mummy Grace clears the air about "Littles", also known as Adult Babies. She is a professional "Mum".

6 Ways to Deal With Your Asshole Family this Holiday Season

6 tips for dealing with judgment and confrontation during the volatile holiday season.

Review: Hanzai Japan Anthology

Hanzai Japan is an anthology of genre-mashing speculative crime short fiction that'll leave you weirded out, laughing, and wanting more.

These Menstrual Marvels Make Hell Week Better. Period.

For many people with uteruses, once a month you slowly and painfully haemorrhage one of your internal organs out of your delicate flower below. I like to think of this as punk Aunt Flow: the gynecological equivalent of that weird relative we all seem to have, who...

The ‘1984’ Theatrical Experience is ‘Like Going Mad’

Katy Lees reviews the Macmillan and Icke adaptation of George Orwell's 1984.