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A Dirge for Dirge


Great Grandporn: Fetish Stag Films of the 1960s

Your meemaw was thrashing tittering tasties in aught but her skivvies before you were a twinkle in your dad's eye. You didn't invent shit, but your gran did.

8 Dark Kids Shows You Can Watch With Your Little Weirdos

Hey. At least it's not fucking Caillou.

Dirge is Back in Black (and White)!

Dirge Magazine is back with renewed focus on Sex, Death, Culture and the Occult.

Faptivists Provoke Scientifically-Challenged Reps With #CUMRAGSFORCONGRESS

Mike Pence looks like a country club came to life and could only wear human skin for one day but got cursed to stay here forever and walk the earth.

A Dirge for America

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

What Does It Take To Write for Dirge?

Do you want to write for Dirge, but just don't know if you'd be a good fit? Here are some things to know about writing for the fastest-growing dark culture magazine around.

Satanic Panties So Sweet Lucifer Would Eat That Booty

We've got a selection of the best Satanic panties available, guaranteed to make Lucifer worship at the altar of dat ass, tho.