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Gwendolyn Nix
Gwendolyn Nix has tagged sharks in Belize, researched the evolution of multicellularity, and studied neurodegenerative diseases. Currently, she works for a television production company and is a publisher's assistant for Ragnarok Publications.

Twisted Labyrinths, Dark Mazes, and Ancient Methods of Reflection

Mazes have been a feature of many cultures and religious traditions. Explore the endless paths that make them irresistible to humans and spirits alike.

The Liminal Kings: Ancient Bog Bodies Suspended on a Threshold

Sacrifices interred in a space inbetween, beholden to a goddess, the bog bodies give up their secrets.

Shipwrecking Storms, Direful Thunderbreak: The North Berwick Witch Trials

Under the Witchcraft Act, first witches, then anyone who did anything unusual could be tried and executed as an enemy of the state.

Weather Witches: The Storm Enchantments of the Tempestarii vs. Bishop Agobard

Not all clergy went after witches with the noose and the brand; Bishop Agobard of Lyons set out to disprove the existence of weather witches, the tempestarii.

Siren Snapshots: The Bewitching Photography of the American Ghoul

As the American Ghoul, Daniel Vazquez captures beautiful, haunting mythology that will stay with you long after you close your eyes.

The Tritone: Sorry, Grandma, Turns Out It’s All The Devil’s Music

Imagine this: you time travel to medieval Europe and meet a monk. He’s never been beyond the monastery. He’s fearful of the black plague and those who might hang him for his beliefs due to schisms between Christian sects. To him, evil isn’t a concept,...

Sacred Clowns Served a Vital Purpose – To Remind Us That We’re Idiots

It's 2016 and scary clowns are all over the news -- but terrifying tricksters are nothing new. They've always been with us, and we'll never get away.