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Gwendolyn Nix
Gwendolyn Nix has tagged sharks in Belize, researched the evolution of multicellularity, and studied neurodegenerative diseases. Currently, she works for a television production company and is a publisher's assistant for Ragnarok Publications.

The Sacrum: The Power of the Resurrection Bone

The sacrum is the sacred seat of humanity, the source of our bipedal nature and the seat, perhaps, of our very souls.

Twisted Labyrinths, Dark Mazes, and Ancient Methods of Reflection

Mazes have been a feature of many cultures and religious traditions. Explore the endless paths that make them irresistible to humans and spirits alike.

The Liminal Kings: Ancient Bog Bodies Suspended on a Threshold

Sacrifices interred in a space inbetween, beholden to a goddess, the bog bodies give up their secrets.

Shipwrecking Storms, Direful Thunderbreak: The North Berwick Witch Trials

Under the Witchcraft Act, first witches, then anyone who did anything unusual could be tried and executed as an enemy of the state.

Weather Witches: The Storm Enchantments of the Tempestarii vs. Bishop Agobard

Not all clergy went after witches with the noose and the brand; Bishop Agobard of Lyons set out to disprove the existence of weather witches, the tempestarii.

Siren Snapshots: The Bewitching Photography of the American Ghoul

As the American Ghoul, Daniel Vazquez captures beautiful, haunting mythology that will stay with you long after you close your eyes.

The Tritone: Sorry, Grandma, Turns Out It’s All The Devil’s Music

Imagine this: you time travel to medieval Europe and meet a monk. He’s never been beyond the monastery. He’s fearful of the black plague and those who might hang him for his beliefs due to schisms between Christian sects. To him, evil isn’t a concept,...

Sacred Clowns Served a Vital Purpose – To Remind Us That We’re Idiots

It's 2016 and scary clowns are all over the news -- but terrifying tricksters are nothing new. They've always been with us, and we'll never get away.