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Eden is an author, editor, ex-debutante, and part-time hoodooienne. She makes a mean cheesecake.

Voodoo Pussy: Azizaa Mystic Bewitches Music

Azizaa Mystic is a Vodushie, musician, and badass from the Ewe tribe in Ghana. Her Voodoo Pussy power is real, and she's ready to unleash it on the world.

Hello, Darkness: Tabletop Horror Games to Play Now

Just because it's sunny outside doesn't mean you want to leave your house. Have your friends over for intense indoor action with these dark board games.

Negrogothic: The Art and Music of M. Lamar

Artist and musician M. Lamar describes his art, worldview, and hopes for an Afrocentric future, where everyone can actually be free.

Why It Gotta Be Black?: Goth Makeup For Darker Skins

If you're a goth of a darker skin tone, don't fret. We have some makeup suggestions that will keep you from looking like a bad KISS cosplay.

The Rebirth of Slick: Blaxploitation Film Re-emerges

Do you want a movie filled with over-the-top action scenes, gratuitous nudity, and a funky, thumping bassline in the soundtrack? Blaxploitation has you covered. This sub-genre began in the early 1970s, and, though incredibly divisive, was instrumental in shaping the discussion of race relations in the...

Dem Bones: A Primer on Southern Conjure Magic

Whether you call it hoodoo, rootwork, or “helping yourself", conjure magics are a part of every culture on the planet,

Blood Indigo: Black Women Horror Writers to Read Now

Ever felt like your horror bookshelf was too white? Too testosterone filled? You’re not alone. Most horror lovers have this situation in their homes and on their e-readers. I’m here to help. Allow me to drag you into a small, but growing corner of the horror...