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10 questions to help make us better. Over $200 in darkling prizes for you!

Quiz: Who Is Your Spirit Cannibal?

What kind of flesh-eating monster best represents your spirit nature? Are you a shy Dahmer, or a virile Idi Amin? Or are you something far, far worse?

Quiz: What Horrible Haunted Antique Find Are You?

People shop for antiques all the time, but did you know that 200% of antiques have horrible, trolling ghosts inside? Well, they do. Don't look up.

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We've talked about Nate McCall's handcrafted journals before. His beautiful, lovingly made books are heirloom quality and built to stand the test of time. They feel and smell exquisite. And one of our Patrons is going to get one. We do regular giveaways for our Patrons,...

Quiz: What Garden of Earthly Delights Abomination Are You?

Are you an Ass Lobster, or a Guy Who's Just Trying To Jerk Off But There's A Bird Lizard Yelling At Him?

Dark Fiction: Her Mother’s Daughter by Kerri-Leigh Grady

Dark fiction by Kerri-Leigh Grady: Hailey takes care of her father, Her mother left a dire warning: Keep him happy. Leave the meat and the milk to the men.

#DirgeMusic Mixtape 2: Music to F*ck By

Sexy industrial music curated by Dirge Magazine staff.

Book Excerpt: A Fetish for Men

An excerpt from Dr. Gloria Brame's "A Fetish For Men".

#DirgeRAWK – Flex: Week 2

Read Along With Katy: Flex, by Ferrett Steinmetz

Indelible Ink: Cover Reveal & Pre-Order!

Cover Reveal for Indelible Ink, by Matt Betts, published by Raw Dog Screaming Press.