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Daniel Pietersen
Daniel Pietersen is a writer of weird fiction and horror philosophy, and a delver into dark places. Daniel lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, but commutes to R'lyeh for work. Much of his more fragmentary fiction can be found in the archives of The Constant University or on his Facebook.

Dungeons Deep, Forests Dark – A beginner’s guide to Dungeon Synth

The thematic obsession of Dungeon Synth is almost always that of ancient times, and aligns with reality but dips very heavily into fantasy.

After The Last Human Dies, What Happens to the Internet?

Assuming it had an infinite power supply and resilient components, would the internet ever really die?

Liber Null & Psychonaut – An Introduction to Chaos Magic

Chaos magic, in theory if not in spirit, is already being used against every one of us every second of every day.

Les Pleurants: The Mysterious Mourning Statues of Philip the Bold

Forty melancholy mourning statues carved by a medieval master sculptor, to mourn his masters for eternity.

The Fairy Coffins of Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

Arthur's Seat Coffins
In the summer of 1836, a group of children uncovered one of Scotland's most enduring mysteries: the so-called fairy coffins of Edinburgh.