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Crystal Wings is a freelance model and casual gamer from San Diego, CA. Pierced and occasionally speaks German. You can follow Crystal on Model Mayhem, Instagram and Steam.

Sexy Halflings Get More Action Than You in Alfie – NSFW

Self-proclaimed lewd comic artist, InCase, is the artistic and stortytelling mastermind of his porn comic, Alfie. The plot-heavy comic is based in the year 1147 and follows Alphanea Tolman, a young, attractive female halfling whose curiosity leads her to - ahem - getting to "know" humans...

Time to Purge That Underwear Drawer and Hail Satan

Featuring Katja Diktator's designs, from wickedly sexy underwear to unique swimsuits.

5 Dark Artists to Follow on Instagram

A roundup article of 5 dark artists to follow on Instagram.

Interview: The Horror Photography of Mother Ghost

Interview with horror photographer Mother Ghost.