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Brian Ennis
Brian is a writer, teacher, gamer, and geek - but not necessarily in that order. He writes dark, miserable fiction and fun, humorous articles, because he's always of two minds about everything. He still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up.

3 Games To Prepare You For Our Impending Surveillance State

Our political and corporate overlords are watching everything we do - here are three games to get you in the mood for a privacy-free future.

Morbid Curiosity – Confront the Concept of Death with Family and Friends!

Want to explore and discuss death with family and friends in a safe, informative, positive way? Morbid Curiosity may just be the game for you.

12 Dark Creators You Should Support On Patreon

Here are 12 other Patreon creators creating dark delights - art, comics, podcasts, YouTube channels, publishers, and games.

Pathfinder: Horror Adventures Turns Your Pathfinder Campaigns Upside Down

We reviewed Pathfinder's new Horror Adventures supplement, and admire how it turns traditional swords and sorcery role-play on its head.

We Happy Few – Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing (Yet)

We Happy Few is an open-world survival game set in a very British 1960s dystopia. How is its Early Access content shaping up?

Five Great Indie Horror Games You Can Play For Free on

Summer is a terrible time for games - so let us guide you through five horror games you can play right now, for free!

Five More Board Games for Bastards

Here are five more board games for bastards, ranging from crime and deduction to hardcore puzzling.

Playdead’s “Inside” Is A Disconcerting Work Of Art

Playdead's 2-D puzzle platformer Inside is an immaculately polished dark gem that asks some deep questions as you play.

Call Of Cthulhu Rises From The Depths – Seventh Edition Author Interview and Review

The Seventh Edition of role-playing classic Call of Cthulhu has arrived. We've got an interview with Chaosium, as well as a review of the new books.

Kitty Horrorshow’s Horror Game ‘Anatomy’ Is Disturbingly Good

We review gaming witch-poet auteur Kitty Horrorshow's psychological horror game Anatomy. It's not for the faint of heart.