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Brenda S G Walter
By day, Brenda poisons young minds as a college professor.  When she is not teaching classes such as Science and the Supernatural, she is writing about monsters, witchcraft, horror films, heavy metal, and gothic culture.  She might also be drawing apocalyptic landscapes or haunted houses while watching Creature Double Feature.  You can find her on Facebook and Instagram as Elderdark Nightmoth.

Dark Mermaids Take Everything Men Fear and Use It Against Them

Born from superstition and patriarchal fear of women, the dark mermaid doesn't need a man; except maybe as a snack.

The Satanic Wild West: Queering the Myth of Patriarchal Utopia

How conservative fear was used to sell the idea of a Wild West that never was.

Robigalia: An Ode to Fungal Rutting and Rotting

April 25th is Robigalia, the Roman Festival of Fungus, a time when we are reminded that death walks among us and to celebrate the natural world.

DIY Occult Lanterns: Wrought Iron in Paper

You can enjoy the creepy ambiance of these faux wrought iron occult lanterns you can make yourself using our simple pattern.

Paper Horror Houses You Can Download, Print and Build for Free

Thanks to the time and generosity of Universal Studios prop-designer Ray Keim, you can download, print and build your favorite horror houses out of cardstock, completely for free.

Eat the Patriarchy: How Arachnovamps Helped Reclaim Female Sexuality

Mysterious, hungry, elegant and powerful—the spider became an apt signifier for the enchanting and sexually liberated woman who wove her own dark web.

Bad Vibes: How to Hear a Horror Film

The foundation of any good horror film begins with the soundtrack.

Patchwork Monsters: Horror Quilting for Crafty Darklings

Steel grey skies darken into evening as ice-laden winds twist through the trees and moan softly, “slip some brandy in your tea and make something weird.”

Witchfinder, Witchmaker: Folk Horror and the Patriarchal Past

Films like Witchfinder General (1968) remind us that the the preindustrial past may have been a simpler time, but no way was it innocent.

By the Code of Hammurabi, the Dark Preachin’ of Unknown Hinson. Amen!

Part vampire, part itinerant preacher, Uknown Hinson is a psychobilly folk hero.