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Brenda S G Walter
By day, Brenda poisons young minds as a college professor.  When she is not teaching classes such as Science and the Supernatural, she is writing about monsters, witchcraft, horror films, heavy metal, and gothic culture.  She might also be drawing apocalyptic landscapes or haunted houses while watching Creature Double Feature.  You can find her on Facebook and Instagram as Elderdark Nightmoth.

Smoke and Fire: An Occult History of Incense

Burning incense has a deep occult history that stretches from antiquity to the modern world.

Wicked Old Witches and Bloodthirsty Bitches: Feminist Revenge in the Italian Gothic

The Italian Gothic films of Riccardo Freda and Mario Bava reveal male fears about liberated witchy women who hold power and refuse to be silent.

Witches, Poisonous Serpents, and the Reclamation of Toxic Evil as Empowerment

Witches are about the reclamation of toxic tropes about women, and the serpent is a central figure in that reclamation.

The Russian Bathhouse was the Heart of the Community and Home to Demons

The banya was a place to relax and luxuriate with good company, but it was also a place for communing with demons.

Bearded Ladies: Queering the Beard Beyond the Binary

Turns out the only real requirement for growing a beard is having a face that can grow one.

Victorian America and the Rotting Corpses of Capitalism

As the earth already reclaims the symbols of American capitalism, we can glimpse our uncertain future in the bones.

Femdom vs. the Patriarchy: The Sexual Politics of Medical Fetish

From speculum-wielding men to femdom doctors in BDSM clinics, the world of medical fetish has everything to do with the interplay of power and gender.

Dark Mermaids Take Everything Men Fear and Use It Against Them

Born from superstition and patriarchal fear of women, the dark mermaid doesn't need a man; except maybe as a snack.

The Satanic Wild West: Queering the Myth of Patriarchal Utopia

How conservative fear was used to sell the idea of a Wild West that never was.

Robigalia: An Ode to Fungal Rutting and Rotting

April 25th is Robigalia, the Roman Festival of Fungus, a time when we are reminded that death walks among us and to celebrate the natural world.