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Ashley is a writer, PhD student in Rhetoric, introverted reader, and loud feminist. Ashley enjoys ghost stories, crime documentaries, visiting cemeteries, and locking herself in her office. Ashley blogs about paranormal history at

How We Bury and Memorialize the Homeless

We asked experts and good death advocates what they think about what happens when homeless people die and how they're memorialized.

Before Bullet Journals, There Were Commonplace Books

The latest trend in self improvement is the bullet journal or the “analog system for the digital age.” The system, invented by digital product designer Ryder Carroll, allows users to turn a blank notebook into a to-do list, diary, notebook, and sketchbook. The bullet...

Small Town Sacrifice: The Television Legacy of “The Lottery”

Supernatural and the X-Files featured episodes drawing upon Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery," featuring two very different versions of small town sacrifice.

The Real Black Widows: Female Cannibals Who Ate Their Lovers

Like the spiders who inspired their name, these Black Widows not only murdered their lovers but cut them into pieces and prepared them for consumption.

Erotic Ectoplasmic Birth: Vaginas and Scientific Probing in the Age of Spiritualism

You probably don't often think of erotic ectoplasm when you think of Georgian England, but you better believe where there's occult performance, there's sex.