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Ashera Buhite
Ashera Buhite spends her days bartending, listening to punk music, reading horror, and earning her Master's degree. She hopes one day to be a sex therapist, but in the meantime is beyond content to spread her knowledge of all things sexy here.

The Wicked, Beautiful, Tragic History of Being a Woman With Power

Madness has been wrapped in the cloaks of femininity for centuries. A woman with power was a threat.

Fapping the Dark Fantastic: Music Videos for Awkward Boners

There are some music videos out there that are so suggestive and nasty that they're practically porn. These gave us an awkward boner.

The Occult Activism of 1960s Group WITCH is Still Relevant

WITCH was a protest movement in the late 1960s and 1970s. Forget bra burning; these women actively campaigned for women's equality in far more badass ways.

9 Gifts for Kids Only Dark Aunts and Uncles Can Get Away With

Want to get the children in your life off to a creepy start? Check out our list of gift options for the young and easily corrupted.

Gender Identity for Dummies

Gender identity is not "one size fits all." Dirge speaks to a few folks to find out how they define gender for themselves.

Danzig’s Double Feature: Movies of The Misfits

If you’ve ever pondered, “Just what the hell is Glenn Danzig singing about in this song?” this list of movies that inspired The Misfits is for you!

How To Find Love When You’re Weird: Dating App Roundup

Dirge's round-up of dating apps gives you a glimpse of the good, the bad, and the pretty boring sides of online dating.

How to Perforate Your Privates: A Guide to Genital Piercing

Dirge's guide on what to expect when getting a genital piercing and how to choose a qualified professional, so your VCH doesn't turn into a VC-ouch.

Sarah Greenmore: Interview with a Moonlite Bunny Ranch Courtesan

Sarah Greenmore is a courtesan at the famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada. This is her story.

Panty Selling: Get Paid to Sit in Your Underwear!

Women everywhere are turning to panty selling as supplemental income. Could you do it?