About Dirge Magazine

Dirge Magazine is the premier dark culture magazine, covering sex, death, culture and the occult.

Sifting through generalized sites for things that fit your dark aesthetic can be tedious, and an abundance of redundant horror sites has created an explosive amount of coverage on a surprisingly narrow range of interests. While we appreciate what they do, we seek to expand beyond horror, into the strange, the subversive, and the beautifully grotesque.

We want Dirge to be a place you can come to see things you haven’t seen before, or a fresh take on the dark side of something familiar.  A place where news isn’t robo-barfed at you, but rather experiences are shared in a meaningful way.

We reject the ideas of clickbait and garbage journalism. We keep it smart, sexy, and darkly funny.

Join us.

Dirge Magazine Staff

Jinx Strange – Editor-in-Chief – jinx@dirgemag.com

Brenda SG Walter – Managing Editor – brenda@dirgemag.com

Nicole Moore – Copyeditor – nicole@dirgemag.com

Kylene Fitzpatrick – Social Media – kylene@dirgemag.com