Whether you’re looking for dark art to hang on your naked walls or just bored and scrolling down Instagram like the rest of us, here are five dark artists to follow that will keep your fingers busy.

1. Michael Capili – Satanaku


Check out Satanaku for incredibly detailed ink work and coffee cups. Or rather, incredibly detailed ink work on coffee cups. Skulls, medieval fantasy, and grotesque sketches displayed exclusively in black ink with very little to no white space, Michael Capili makes you wonder how anyone could have such a steady hand – and so much space in their home for displaying coffee cup art. More of his drawings can be found on Deviant Art.

2. Sebastian Mazuera – Necromagrip

Sebastian Mazuera

A tattoo artist, half-Colombian and fellow half-Cuban San Diegan, Sebastian Mazuera illustrates ancient magic and satanic depictions in heavy black ink. Drawings of decaying bodies, bloodthirsty beasts, and occasional sexy-time romps that make prudes call the internet police, Mazuera also draws his demonic designs for tattoo enthusiasts and local bands and their band t-shirts.

3. Stephen Scholan – Wicked Wallmasks

Wicked Wallmasks

Stephen Scholan creates one-of-a-kind wall art made out of colorful clay and buttons, twine, burlap, nails, and many other materials depending on the style of the mask. Ranging from demons to skulls and steampunk designs, his creations give an almost playful Tim Burton feel with tribal influences. Follow Scholan on Instagram to check out more of his work and request custom creations on his website!

4. Zack Dunn

Zack Dunn

Demons with morphed faces, blood-smeared clowns, dolls with large eyes, disturbed ghouls, maniacal teeth. The haunting art from Zack Dunn is a masterpiece straight out of your worst nightmares. Do you own a closet? Too bad. Is there space under your bed? Pity. Think jump scares in the form of paintings. Follow him on Instagram to view his art. Just be wary when you’re scrolling down that feed at night before bed. His masterpieces can also be purchased on Etsy.

5. Flood This Earth

Flood This Earth

Based out of New Hampshire and also the guitarist for a death metal band of the same name, Flood This Earth focuses on oil paintings with a primary focus on horror, science fiction, and dark illustrations. From feasting zombies to smoky paintings of ghouls and skulls, Rob’s influences include similarly themed artists such as H.R Giger, Derek Riggs, and Tim Gore.

Crystal Wings

Crystal Wings

Crystal Wings is a freelance model and casual gamer from San Diego, CA. Pierced and occasionally speaks German. You can follow Crystal on Model Mayhem, Instagram and Steam.