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Get Inside Me, Satan: Devilish Sex Toys

Looking to take your sinning to the next level? Bring The Devil himself into your bedroom with these satanic sex toys.

Shrouds of Darkness: 7 Cloaks For Autumnal Witchery

Among layers of leather, lace, and velvet, one item is essential to any darkling's fall wardrobe, a beautifully draped cloak.

Pathfinder: Horror Adventures Turns Your Pathfinder Campaigns Upside Down

We reviewed Pathfinder's new Horror Adventures supplement, and admire how it turns traditional swords and sorcery role-play on its head.

A Depraved Brutality: The Art of Aleksandra Waliszewska

Polish artist Aleksandra Waliszewska creates some of your most brutal nightmares: those savage, dreadful dreams that set a deep sleeper to screaming.

We Happy Few – Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing (Yet)

We Happy Few is an open-world survival game set in a very British 1960s dystopia. How is its Early Access content shaping up?

Basic is the New Black: 10 Black Tees for Morbid Comfort

Because you always need black tee shirts. It's science.

Queens and Prophets: A Review of Kat Von D’s Serpentina Palette

Makeup mavens are abuzz about the newly released Serpentina Palette. As your resident makeup witch, I've been making magic with the latest from Kat Von D.

Do You Have Articulated Monster Skeletons in a Can? Well, You’d Better Let Them Out

Mythic Articulations is making two things: enough gorgeous, 3D-printed skeletons of mythical beasts to fill a zoo, and all of my discretionary income.

Quiz: What Horrible Haunted Antique Find Are You?

People shop for antiques all the time, but did you know that 200% of antiques have horrible, trolling ghosts inside? Well, they do. Don't look up.

Tract Star: Jack Chick’s Most Unhinged Religious Comics

Thank the good lord above for Jack Chick, the man keeping us safe via hysterical hyperconservative comic books known as Chick tracts.

Interview And Giveaway with Chase & Scout

Check out the @dirgestyle Instagram for information about how to win a gorgeous sterling silver and labradorite snake ring.

Peeling Back The Skin: Up Close at a DIY Taxidermy Workshop

Most of the items needed for taxidermy can be found at your local grocery or craft store. The skills, however, are not as easy to obtain.