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The Monsterverse: Universal Monsters and the Genesis of Shared Cinematic Universes

Every studio wants their own shared cinematic universe to play in, but Universal has them all beat: the Universal Monsters have been doing it since 1943.

11 Alternative Autumn Movies Without Chainsaws and Shit

These movies aren't Halloween-themed. Some vampires, murder, blood, and zombies are involved, but since when are those things strictly for Halloween?

Goober and the Ghost Chasers: A Spooky Television Mystery

The strange tale of Goober and the Ghost Chasers, and obscure 1970's cartoon that somehow, inexplicably, managed to get made.

13 Spooky Road Trip Destinations To Ease Your Wicked Wanderlust

These spooky road trip destinations will satisfy your morbid curiosities and give you an excuse to bust out that mix CD you've been sitting on.

Art Inside Us: The Human Skull as Depicted by 13 Masters

Van Gogh painted vibrant sunflowers, MC Escher produced mind-bending visual puzzles, and Andy Warhol is...

Death and Illumination: The Search for the Demiurge Within Us All

Many societies -- secret and otherwise -- have sought illumination and even otherworldly power through the use of ritual initiation.

Rest in Pieces: An Interview with Bess Lovejoy

We talked to Bess Lovejoy about her book, "Rest in Pieces," changes in the Death Positive community, and why people are so afraid of corpses.

Mistresses of the Dark: Six Frightful Female Horror Hosts

When it comes to women in horror, Vampira and Elvira are just the tip of the iceberg. These six female horror hosts killed it -- literally.

Doin’ It Yourself #1: Flogger

Welcome to the first edition of Doin' It Yourself , Dirge's ongoing series of instructional articles about making your own sex toys. Today: the flogger.

Eviscerating the Body of Black Metal

On February 4, 2017, Black Sabbath will return to the place where it all began—Birmingham,...

5 Stops on Your Fearful Fall Foliage Tour

Fill your fall foliage tour with haunted spaces and bright leafy places. travel from Massachusetts to Ohio stopping at the spookiest spots.
occult bookstores header

A Promenade Among the Mysteries: Occult Bookshops of London

London has seen its fair share of occultists, mystics, madmen, and cunning women throughout the ages, and it has a collection of occult bookstores to match.