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Mad Monster Party: Rankin/Bass’ Feature-Length Halloween Special

Rankin/Bass, the kings of stop-motion animated specials, did more than just Christmas stories. They also made a brief foray into the mad and monstrous.

Trump’s Haunted Hotel: New DC Venture Has a Grisly Past

For many Dirge readers, there may be few things scarier than a Trump presidency, and those things may be lurking in the clock tower of the new Trump Hotel in downtown Washington, DC.

Bloodmilk and BPAL Team Up for 3 New Exclusive Scents

This collaboration between Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Bloodmilk is a deeply personal collaboration, much like an Exquisite Corpse.

The Wicked, Beautiful, Tragic History of Being a Woman With Power

Madness has been wrapped in the cloaks of femininity for centuries. A woman with power was a threat.

Soothsayers: The Mysticism of 1920s Hollywood

People have always flocked to Hollywood, either to be famous or to pilfer off them. In the 1920s, the soothsayers were just as notorious as the celebrities.

10 Witchy Tattoo Artists Slinging Enchanted Ink

Adorn your body with the macabre, magical, and mystical in the form of beautiful art by these 10 witchy tattoo artists.

Interview: Thomas Olde Heuvelt, Author of ‘HEX’

We got Thomas Olde Heuvelt, author of the fantastically frightening "HEX," to answer the hard questions about boobs, witches, and black licorice.

Hauntingly Elegant: the Darkly Theatric Sculpture of Philip Jackson

Philip Jackson's sculptures are mesmerizing, evocative, and strangely beautiful in their own creepy way.
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Jesse James is Dead: An Existential Weird Western Double Feature

In 1966, an aging B-movie director made his final films, a strange pair of existential Weird Westerns, pitting legendary outlaws against movie monsters

Samantha Pleet’s Charming Ghosts Collection (Fall/Winter 2016)

Designer Samantha Pleet's Fall-Winter 2016 collection is creepy and mysterious, while being a refreshing departure from the #allblackeverything aesthetic.

The Dark Magic of Dead Bodies

Dead bodies, it seems, have always straddled a strange line between being grotesque and magical.