Bad Vibes: How to Hear a Horror Film

The foundation of any good horror film begins with the soundtrack.

Choly Knight Wants to Help You Create Creepy Cuddlies

Plush artist Choly Knight does not just create and sell adorable plush creatures; she sells you the patterns to make your own miniature monsters.

Siren Snapshots: The Bewitching Photography of the American Ghoul

As the American Ghoul, Daniel Vazquez captures beautiful, haunting mythology that will stay with you long after you close your eyes.

Take Our 2017 Survey and You Could Win A Huge Darkling Prize Pack

10 questions to help make us better. Over $200 in darkling prizes for you!

Patchwork Monsters: Horror Quilting for Crafty Darklings

Steel grey skies darken into evening as ice-laden winds twist through the trees and moan softly, “slip some brandy in your tea and make something weird.”

Arts Armament: How the CIA Secretly Shaped The Arts in America

The CIA is more than just an international spy ring; they've taken a serious and concerted approach to shaping American culture.

Before Bullet Journals, There Were Commonplace Books

The latest trend in self improvement is the bullet journal or the “analog system for...

Witchfinder, Witchmaker: Folk Horror and the Patriarchal Past

Films like Witchfinder General (1968) remind us that the the preindustrial past may have been a simpler time, but no way was it innocent.

For Casual Witches, Storebought Witchcraft is Fine

Casual modern witches worry less about dusty tomes and fussy rituals, and more about what works - for them!
Arthur's Seat Coffins

The Fairy Coffins of Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

In the summer of 1836, a group of children uncovered one of Scotland's most enduring mysteries: the so-called fairy coffins of Edinburgh.
tarot deck

A Dozen Divine Tarot Decks For Modern Day Witches

Tarot is an integral tool of a magical practice. As witchcraft becomes increasingly popular, artists are using their craft to create beautiful tarot decks.